Stk# GSR-101B

Goldtool 60/40 Alloy Solder pen-15gramDia=1.0mm Wire, Retail Box,

Product Overview

The Goldtool 60/40 Alloy Solder pen is ideal for electronic parts, wires connection, printed circuit boards, wire repair, every electronic technician, hobbyist, craftsmen, etc. However it is not suitable for plumbing or jewelry work.
• Bland new and high quality, high purity lead tin alloy, no-clean
• With reel neat, attractive, shiny surface
• Soldering wire good oxidation resistance, less dross
• No foul smell, smoke Less, and will not splash rosin when solder again
• Soldering automatic alignment does not tangle, does not block the catheter

• Material: 60/40 rosin core (60% Tin, 40% lead+resin+flux)
• Diameter of the Soldering Wire: 1mm
• Weight: 15g

Package included:
1 x Soldering Wire with Dispenser Tube Pen 

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Price: R 80.00 

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