Stk# CE302

UniQue 4 Pin Molex Power Splitter 0,2m Y Cable, OEM, 1 year Limited Warranty

Product Overview
The UniQue 4 Pin Molex Power Splitter Y Cable adaptor has one male plug which splits into two female plugs. Just plug the male end into an available Molex  plug coming from your power supply, and now you have two available female plugs for your drives!

*Split a power connector to make two more!
*Cable has 1 Male plug & 2 Female plugs
*Compatible with drives that use IDE/EIDE/ATA/PATA/Molex type plugs

Features / Specifications

• 4 Pin Y Splitter extension power cable, 20cm +20cm
• One female connector and two male connectors, making it easy to reach drive
• Standard 4 pin power splitter of this Y Extension Cable
• 4-Pin Power Cable powered by a 4 pin Molex outlet, and splits it into two
• For use with floppy drives, removable storage drives, hard drives, CD-ROMS, CD-RW, Tape drives, fans, etc.
• Power Y splitter Cable is perfect for adding a Hard Drive, CD, or DVD Drive
• Connector Type: 4Pin Molex Male Power Connector, 2x 4Pin Molex Female Power Connectors
• Cable Length: 20cm

Package Contents:
1 x Computer Molex 4 Pin Power Supply Y Splitter Cable

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